Hank Williams - ‘Jambalaya (On the Bayou)’

Wakefield Scrap Figure

Earlier this week, I moved Culturedallroundman.com from Wordpress.com to a self-hosted site, utilising Wordpress.org software and a theme variously recommended and selected from Themeforest.net. The aim is to provide something more visually appealing, which will better show the full scope of my articles and posts. The Wordpress.com blogging format is fantastically easy to use, but it lacks flexibility and makes linking pieces and accessing older pieces difficult.

Owing to the move, all of the links posted here and on my other Tumblr pages are leading to an error message on the new site. You can navigate my site from there for the time being, as I correct the links here over the course of the coming week.


Edit: Thanks to a simple modification, all of the links here should be working now and linking through to the new site.

Yorkshire Lavender Farm: Blue Pyramids

Motorway and Moonlight

June Tabor - ‘Where Are You Tonight?’

A couple of months ago, my partner - who is Swedish - and I made a version of a princess cake when celebrating her birthday. It is layers of sponge with raspberry jam and cream in between; with whipped cream mounted on top; and the whole then covered by coloured marzipan. Icing sugar is typically sifted on top of the marzipan.

Perhaps our sides could have used a more delicate touch; but I think our domed top bettered the efforts of the talented and amiable competitors on last week’s episode of The Great British Bake Off.

Princess cakes are usually covered with green marzipan. Apparently a variant using pink or red marzipan may be called an operatårta instead of a prinsesstårta - that is, an opera cake rather than a princess cake - though this was unbeknownst to us when we opted for pink.