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'Farewell, Amanda' was written by Cole Porter for the 1949 Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn film Adam’s Rib. The song is performed in the film by David Wayne, who - despite excellent comic performances by Tracy and Hepburn - steals several scenes playing the couple’s persistently desirous across-the-hall neighbour.

In the film, Wayne’s character, Kip, is a songwriter. He composes the song in an endeavour to win the affections of Amanda (Hepburn). Later, as Adam (Tracy) massages his wife in a gesture of reconciliation after a series of quarrels, ‘Farewell, Amanda’ plays over the radio, in a version by Frank Sinatra: Kip’s song has become a hit, to Adam’s palpable disdain.

Adam’s Rib, directed by George Cukor, was released in November of 1949. Sinatra had recorded his version in early August. Alas, his recording was subsequently lost and has not been recovered. All that remains is the brief fragment from the film.

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