Installation nod to Malevich’s groundbreaking “The Last Exhibition of Futurist Painting” in 1915. #suprematism (at Tate Modern)

Roman Theatre of Cartagena

In two parts, an evaluation of the thirty-two nations who competed at the 2014 World Cup. I look at their results, the formations they used, their outstanding personnel, subsequent managerial changes, and their short and longer-term futures.

Considering the nations in the order in which they finished the group stage, the first part provides a very concise history of Brazilian football, in an attempt to identify the causes of their recent malaise. I look in particular at the role of the central midfielder, and how it has changed within Brazilian football over the last twenty years.

Groups A-D  Groups E-H

Devon and Grimes


ooooh my gosh

found this song on my computer that me and dev of majical cloudz made in like 2009 about our cat voignamir who at the time was on very bad terms with us because we were forcing him to diet and so he was like, very violent but literally like 20 or 30 pounds.  

i dont know why it sounds like indie rock haha, neither of us really make music like this

It’s a companion piece to Animal Collective’s ‘Doggy’, but more upbeat, less elegiac.

The Ramones - ‘Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World’

Cartagena: Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Palacio Consistorial

Lavender and yoghurt scones: a recipe modified and mollified after Rachel Khoo. Rachel Khoo posted her recipe, for lavender, yoghurt and raspberry scones, on the London Evening Standard website a couple of weeks ago. My recipe is bolstered by a preface which discusses aviation in the north of Sweden.

Salt Pans Road, Wild Flowers and Water

'Yes, Angiolina thinks and sometimes cries, thinks as though the secret of the universe had been explained to her or the secret of her own existence, and is sad as though in all the whole wide world she could not find one single solitary deo gratias.’

- Italo Svevo (1898) As a Man Grows Older trans. Beryl de Zoete

Rock Pool at Cloughton Wyke

Green Field Blue Sky, Farm and Horses

Rich Homie Quan - ‘They Don’t Know’